Robert Santschi
3018 Bern


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Robert Santschi was born on 4 April 1944 and grew up in Unterbach near Meiringen, Switzerland. After attending agricultural college, he spent several years working as a professional musician in winter spa resorts and hotels. He specialises in restoring and tuning the Schwyzeroergeli, a type of accordion used in Swiss folk music. While working, he educated himself in the field of botanical medicine (phytotherapy) and learned the Latin names of plants. He later came to study other, holistic therapies. One area that has always been close to his heart is the protection of endangered plants and animals. On top of all this, a passion for painting awoke within him. He is developing a versatile style of painting that is not easily definedand ranges from three-dimensional, to introspective, to surreal. He applies awide range of techniques and tools, including acrylics, wax, oil, water colour,mixing techniques, and chalk. Robert Santschi lives and works in Bern-Bümpliz, Switzerland.